Peer Review Process

  1. Registration by the author in the system and sending the article
  2. Review the article and it within a week by the internal manager
  3. Article to refer to the editorial board meeting and if there is no objection, finally refer the article to the judges
  4. Article by the judges and the results of the judging
  5. Summarizing and announcing the decision by the editor of the quarterly
  6. In case of non-acceptance and rejection of the article, the authors will be notified and if the article needs correction, it will be sent to the author for correction and the author will be required to correct the article within two weeks.
  7. The revised article will be resubmitted by the judges within two weeks and if accepted in the editing stage.
  8. After literary and technical editing, the article is finally published and published.

Terms and conditions of article publication

It is necessary for researchers to compile and present their scientific-research articles in the framework of the following professional ethics, observing the complete health and originality of writing.

  1. The title of the new article is taken from the content of the article and is appropriate to the process of scientific developments, research background and study.
  2. The content of the article is completely taken from all the sources mentioned in the sources and references section of the article. Therefore, it is necessary for the authors (s) to enter the selected material in the sources and references section as they have observed and studied each of them.
  3. The research process should be in full accordance with the procedures mentioned in the article.
  4. The accuracy of specialized data is based on the research and study activities of the author or authors of the article.
  5. Conclusions and sources are completely specific to this article and have been prepared based on the principles governing this quarterly.
  6. A similar article should not have previously been published in another journal or even in a foreign language and has not been submitted to other journals at the same time.
  7. The interests of individuals need to be taken into account by the authors / s by referring to the research results used in the article.