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Type of credit: Scientific from the Commission of Scientific Publications of the country

 Rank of the journal based on the latest evaluation of the Ministry of Science: B (Scientific publications portal)

Rank in ISC: Q1

Copyright and Publisher: Shahid Beheshti University

Release Sequence: Quarterly

Year of publication: 2006

Ministry of Science number: 32569/3/11/89

Number of articles in each issue: 10 articles

Publication Policy: Open access to the full text of articles

Publication language: Persian with English abstract

Article writing style (in-text and final): Based on APA standard

Type of publication: print and electronic

Digital ID of Articles: DOI - DOR

Print status: Currently only electronic

Referee type: two hidden sides (at least 3 referees)

Average judging time until final acceptance: 4 months (average judging time 15 days)

Use similarity before sending to arbitration: Yes

Receive article processing fee: Yes 


Applied Psychology Quarterly is a scientific publication affiliated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology of Shahid Beheshti University, which has been in operation since 2005. The trend or specialized field of the quarterly is in clinical, educational, social, health, laboratory and industrial organizational fields. By publishing four issues a year in Persian language with English abstracts, this quarterly magazine appropriately provides the scientific and research achievements of the country's researchers to those interested in related research topics. This quarterly magazine is published with the scientific cooperation of the Iranian Association of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Association. Applied Psychology Quarterly in the evaluation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in two consecutive years 2021 and 2022, was able to get the A rank.

The quarterly considers the following costs for the author:

Submission: 2000000 (IRR) This fee applies for all papers

Publication: 4000000 (IRR) This fee applies only for accepted papers

Please read the guidelines of the quarterly magazine before submitting the article in order to speed up the evaluation process. Articles that do not comply with the guidelines will not be included in the evaluation process.

- After the publication of the article, requests for changes in the authors' profiles will not be processed.

- According to the approval of the editorial board of the quarterly, it is not allowed to submit more than two articles from each author at the same time, and according to the regulations announced by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, only one article from each author is published each year.

  • All articles submitted to this quarterly will be reviewed through similar software such as "Samim Noor" and "Hamyab" before entering the judging process.

Environmental Sciences is licensed under a " Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY)"

  • This Quarterly Is Subject To The Rules Of The Ethics Committee In Publication (COPE) With Respect To The Rules Of Ethics In Publications And Follows The Executive Regulations Of The Law On Prevention And Combating Fraud In Scientific Works.
  • Having an ORCID identifier is mandatory for all authors. You can register at

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Current Issue: Volume 17, Issue 3 - Serial Number 67, September 2023, Pages 246-1 

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