Survey on citation accuracy of articles in journal of applied psychology

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Aim: The aim of this study was to Survey the citation of articles published in Journal of Applied Psychology in Shahid Beheshti University in the timeframe 1390-1394 (numbers 17-35). Methods: It was an applied research. The study population included 19 issue of Journal of Applied Psychology in the years 1390-1394. The total number of citations 19 Number of citations is considered to be approximately equal to 4389, using 96% confidence Morgan with 350 citations to verify the authenticity of documents and in accordance with the APA style has been selected Data collection tools was the checklist based on research of Azade, Vaez & Gharib (2009). Results: The results showed that of 516 citations, 367 citations were no citation error, as well as articles rather than books have citation error and Latin citation sources of error were more than the Persian citation sources. Journal of Applied Psychology (35) of the published numbers were better situation. Conclusion: The results showed that the citation accuracy of the Journal of Applied Psychology citation is better than other similar studies because of the emphasis quarterly in accordance with the format and editing articles submitted to the journal is over and over again


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