Detection of Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Items Related to Soccer Players’ Technical and Tactical Performance

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1 Phd Condidat of psychology. Univercity of Isfahan- Isfhan-Iran

2 University of Isfahan

3 Proffesor of psychology- Univercity of Isfahan-Isfahan-Iran

4 , Professor of Psychomotor learning and development, University of Isfahan-isfahan-Iran



Aim:The present study aimed to detect cognitive, affective, and behavioral items related to soccer players’ technical and tactical performance. Method: The method of this study was Thematic Analysis (King, 2004). First, using exploratory study of specialized texts, units were identified and encoded and also units of each category were determined. Then by nonprobability based qualitative-purposive sampling method and via exploratory interviews with soccer players(n=25), coaches(n=11) and football specialists(n=50),  statements were identified, then a network of comprehensive themes was made and then main themes and categories were identified. Results: The themes and categories included cognitive items (20 items), affective items (13 items), behavioral items (16 items), cognitive- affective items (9 items), cognitive- behavioral items (6 items), affective- behavioral items (6 items), social items (6 items), basic items (3 items) and team items (11 items). Conclusion: Detection of cognitive, affective, and behavioral items related to soccer players’ technical and tactical performance, is useful and effective to distinguish successful soccer players, performance technical and tactical improvement, maintenance successful soccer players, counseling, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.  


Constandt, B. (2019). Does it really matter? A study on soccer fans’ perceptions of ethical leadership and their role as “stakeowners”. Sport Management Review, 23(3):374-386